LUXEXPO THE BOX, 25 - 26 April 2018


PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION: ‘Mir maache Lëtzebuerg’ presented by the OAI

Mir maache Lëtzebuerg is the title of this exhibition staged by the OAI, which came about at the invitation of the Ministry of Housing and Luxexpo and at the impetus of QAI director Pierre Hurt. No less than 30 current projects are showcased to highlight the impressive and very broad occupational arena of architects / interior architects / landscape architects, landscape engineers / consulting engineers / planners and developers. All photographs are taken from the OAI 2018 Guide, which is now into its 12th edition. This exhibition is a so-called shot from the hip. From concept (Friday 2/10) to assembly (Friday 9/10.) are exactly 8 days, making this event a spontaneous and subjective cross-section snapshot of a total of 690 projects included in the new OAI 2018 Guide. For the past 22 years I have been working closely with architects and engineers, who are committed to bringing their designs and accomplishments to the OAI. Their dedication, courage and enthusiasm have always been a source of inspiration and motivation to me. Which is why I would like to take this opportunity to wish all interested visitors a myriad of ideas and impulses and a wealth of information as you take in today‘s Luxembourg‘s architectural and engineering accomplishments steeped in strength and quality.

1 m2 per panel is enough to convince anyone!“ Albert Seyser, mag. art. / rosedeclaire, design.

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