LUXEXPO THE BOX, 25 - 26 April 2018


Paperjam Club "10X6 Architecture : Innovation & Sustainability"

A building is not meant to do what it did before 30 years ago.  

From aesthetics to sustainability, from the quality of life for occupants to its versatility, innovations have been numerous in recent years. The increasing demand for respect for the environment and the adoption of sustainable approaches have further accentuated this trend. 



-          Shahram Agaajani - metaform

-          David Determe - Betic

-          Guy Entringer - SNHBM

-          Tatiana Fabeck - Fabeck Architectes

-          Sala Makumbundu - CBA

-          Francis Schwall - Neobuild

-          Nico Steinmetz - STDM

-          Bob Strotz - hsa – heisbourg strotz architectes

-          Luc Wagner - WW+ Architektur & Management

-          Romain Poulles – Cluster EcoInnovation / PROgroup

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