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2022 Features and seminars

Thursday 21 April 2022

12:30 - 14:00

VR / AR innovation for your projects

Claude Belche is an associate engineer at Schroeder et Associés. He is professionally involved in the management of infrastructure projects, urban and river hydrology and preventive archaeology in an urban planning context. In the framework of his projects he favours modern means of visualisation of technical contexts to facilitate exchanges between stakeholders from different disciplines.

Mathieu Bracchetti, founder and CEO of Virtual Rangers, a company specialising in the digitalisation and virtualisation of real contexts, is at the forefront of progress in visualisation technologies by all means currently available. He designs, according to the client's objectives, the methodology adapted to the visualisation of projects using the most suitable technical solutions (VR, AR and all presentations in a defined context).

Terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry, precision surveys, LIDAR, 3D cameras, Laserscan, Indoor Mobile Mapping, are cutting-edge technologies that generate data that can be used with modern tools for visualising project contexts. Point clouds, virtual reality, augmented reality, are the basis for an efficient exchange of information between actors involved in the same project.


What if these immersive technologies became assets in the management of your architectural and urban planning projects?


The presentation of the possibilities offered by the different VR and AR technologies and their respective visualization possibilities will allow you to compare the qualities of one technology with the other, to glimpse other work supports and their advantages for the management and development of your projects:

- Visualisations in natural and urban

- Cloud point and modelling in the context of complex infrastructures

- Architectural projects

- Site surveys of urban networks

- Precision surveying of historical structures

- Surveying and 3D modelling in urban environments

- Digital Siamese" in river and urban environments

- Integration of virtual projects in a real context

- etc.

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