LUXEXPO THE BOX, 25 - 26 April 2018



The new “Lovely Light” exhibition, which Materia has designed exclusively for ARCHITECT@WORK is all about light. We need light to live, we need light to produce oxygen as well as energy, and we need light to sustain our health. Light enables us to party all night, see colours and it makes us happy. Day light stimulates the human body to produce serotonin, which has a major impact on our mood, our memory, our appetite, our sense of confidence, our emotions and even on the way we experience pain stimuli. But what can materials do with light? Drawing on material samples, inspiring projects and specific objects, the Materia exhibition shows visitors the importance and the possibilities of light in architecture.

A journey of discovery across 125 specific materials which each have a special relation with light and which are broken down into the following categories: light transmission, light reflection, response to UV, light absorption and light generation. Materials that let in more daylight into our homes and offices, or that simply absorb the light. Or how about translucent wood and concrete, super black coatings that absorb up to 98% of the light, iridescent coatings, leaves that generate energy and materials that are translucent in interaction with their setting. The most gorgeous luminescent materials, textile fabrics made to contain LEDs and glass with automatic sunlight transmission control coating. Functional or aesthetic. In a nutshell: Materia’s “Lovely Light” exhibition showcases the most impressive and latest materials and projects in the area of light.

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Materia is the leading international platform in the area of material innovation, focused on meeting, inspiring and co-creating. Materia stimulates joint innovation towards a better, more sustainable and high-quality built and furnished environment. Materia gathers construction professionals around an independent and constantly growing collection of more than 2,500 inspirational materials: daily via, annually at Material Xperience and periodically around current topics and events.

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