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ART by Léo Caillard

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Léo Caillard is a contemporary artist with an international reputation for the quality of his marble sculptures, as well as for his digital creations at the cutting edge of new technologies.


He opens a dialogue between the ages through his use of these two mediums and the unique aesthetic of his art, combining figures from ancient statuary and abstract digital forms.


Born in Paris in 1985, he graduated from the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins in 2006 and the Beaux-Arts in 2008. He then moved to New York for 2 years, where he met the contemporary art scene and began his first digital creations.


In 2011, he developed his first successful creations through the digital art series "Art Game" and "Hipsters in Stone", mixing photography of ancient statues and anachronistic objects of our time.


Since 2014, he has concentrated on marble sculpturing and on perfecting his digital works.


Widely recognised since 2017 with a major exhibition at Kings College London, his art continues to evolve towards ever more precise technical demands.


Since 2018, Léo Caillard has been one of the pioneering artists of the Blockchain era. He is regarded as one of the specialists in the world of digital art, with the unique distinction of being one of the only artists to also express his art in a physical form through marble sculptures.


He has been listed as one of the world's top 20 contemporary artists by the prestigious ArtPrice.


His work has been exhibited at several leading contemporary art fairs (Paris+, Basel, Miami Basel, Frieze) and his creations have been included in many important collections (Beaubourg, Nasher collection, Asian fund collection, British Museum fund, Poseidon Fund, UBP bank collection as well as a large number of renowned private collectors).


The year 2024 is already shaping up to be a major turning point in Léo Caillard's career, with several large-scale public commissions for the Paris Olympics, a few partnerships with well-known brands and participation in major auctions at Sotheby's and Christies, all of which should consolidate the rising status of his work.


Selection of exhibitions:


2023 :

Asprey Studio London - Sigg Art Foundation - Digital Art

World Internet Conference - Shanghai - Digital Art

Solo Show "Temporel" - Paris - Sculptures

Digital Creation for SMRG Press - King Tulmi

Art price Listing - Top 20 digital Artist worldwide

Multiple Artfairs ( Paris+ / Frieze / Basel Miami / Arco Madrid )

Large format art - Sculptures for Adidas


2022 :

Designer of the NFT collection for the Ballon d'Or 2022

NFT Paris event - main exhibition - Digital Art.

Multiple Artfairs ( Paris+ / Basel / TEFAF )

Solo exhibition "Quantum" - MAC museum


2021 :

Solo exhibition " Past & Present " - Dali Museum

Multiple Artfairs ( Armory show / NFT NYC / West Bund / Basel )


2020 :

Solo exhibition - Paris Design week

Lead speaker - Paris Blockchain week


2019 :

Solo exhibition - Venice Biennale

Multiple Artfairs - ( Elysee Paris - Art Miami - Basel Hong Kong )


2018 :

Exhibition event - Louvre Museum - Paris

World Internet Conference - Speaker - Shanghai


2017 :

Solo exhibition & installation " Classical Now " Kings College London



Léo Caillard

Discobolus © Léo Caillard
Trio Marbre © Léo Caillard
Trio Marbre © Léo Caillard
Trio Marbre © Léo Caillard
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