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24 - 25 April 2024

2024 Features and seminars

Thursday 25 April 2024

12:00 - 15:00

Gebäudetyp E - Simple, sleek, beautiful and practical - plan and build according to your actual needs

Building is becoming more and more complicated, slower, more expensive and more uniform. It should be simpler, faster, cheaper and architecturally more varied. But if you want to stick to all the rules, architectural innovations are almost impossible to realise. The new building type E could serve as a solution to this dilemma. The "E" can stand for "simple building", "experimental building" or "freedom of choice".

Panel discussion led by a presentation (D) "Building type E" by Florian DILG, architect and urban planner, Munich


Participating to the Round Table :

  • Florian DILG, architect and town planner, Munich
  • Michelle FRIEDERICI, President OAI
  • Léon GLODEN, Minister of Home Affairs
  • Paul NATHAN, Vice-Chairman of the Chambre des Métiers
  • Patrick NOSBUSCH, Vice-Chairman OAI

Moderated by Pierre HURT, Director OAI


12:00 Brainstorming Lunch
13:00 Introduction
13:05 Presentation - « Gebäudetyp E » by Florian Dilg
13:35 Round table
14:30 Questions and answers from the public / Conclusion

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